February 14, 2008

Mets And Boras Talking

John Delcos at Lohud writes about the Mets and Oliver Perez's agent, Scott Boras, talking about avoiding Arbitration:

The Mets keep talking with agent Scott Boras in hope of avoiding an arbitration hearing with Oliver Perez. They are talking about both a one-year and multi-year deal.

“We’ve talking,” assistant GM John Ricco said. “All along we’ve said we want to avoid arbitration.”

That might be the case, but Ricco isn’t optimistic about a long-term deal.

“Scott’s M.O.is to not take free agent years off the table,” Ricco said. “He wants to take them to free agency and get a big contract.”


Anonymous said...

perez is gonna hate life after he leaves the mets this season

Anonymous said...

boras is truley baseball's anti-crist

Anonymous said...

boras can go penitrate himself

Anonymous said...

perez has to wisen up and smell roses because boras is ruining his mets career where he ws coached to a rebound