February 03, 2008

Post Says Santana Deal Came THISCLOSE to Dying!

The air you hear whooooooooooooshing by you right now is the steam I released at the thought that there might be some truth behind this article, entitled "Deal Came THISCLOSE To Dying" in today's NY Post (by Mike Puma).

Some key quotes from the article:

"I honestly thought the deal was dead," Santana's agent, Peter Greenberg, said.

"We clearly see signing [Santana] as a major event in our franchise's history," Wilpon said.

In a statement Santana said: "I'm looking forward to helping the Mets bring a World Series trophy back to Queens."

Santana said it all...pitchers and catchers are less than 2 weeks away!!!

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Anonymous said...

i heard the same thing just from an interview of omar on mets.com