February 03, 2008

OK- ONE More Santana Article- From Daily News

For some great background into Santana's life and his country, read "Spirit of Venezuela comes alive in Mets' newest star Johan Santana" from today's NY Daily News by clicking here.

From Santana's dad:
"We're just very happy that Johan was able to make a deal and that, thanks to God, he has his health," says Burgillos, who has three daughters and a son from another relationship in addition to Johan and Franklin. "I think he will have a great year with the Mets; he'll have success and help the team. All of his family will celebrate."


"I still think Johan is a better center fielder than pitcher," says Burgillos.

From his friends and cousins:
He is soon joined in the outfield by his close friends Elis Montilla and Luis Morales, who first coached the young Johan as he honed his baseball skills. Montilla is teased for sporting a Minnesota Twins cap - "I can't wear this anymore. I have to root for the Mets now," Montilla says in Spanish - and the three men debate the seismic impact that Santana will bring to Flushing this season.

Another great read about our newest superstar!


Anonymous said...

someone better buy them a mets hat

Anonymous said...

im sure santana can afford to spring for one for them now