February 03, 2008

Roster Suggestions

Now that Santana has been signed, sealed and delivered (thanks, Frampton), let's focus on the rest of the roster. While Omar has already stated that this was the team he was taking into Spring Training, there are, I believe, 2 additions that not only would make this roster stronger, but would be reasonable for Omar to complete prior to Spring Training.

1.) Sign Kyle Lohse. We've discussed it at length on this site for weeks. Lohse is someone who, in the confines of Shea, with our defense and Schneider catching, can become a 14-15 game winner with a sub-4.00 ERA for the first time in his career. He's still reasonably young, has played with Johan before, wouldn't break the bank, and, most importantly, would be another reliable innings-eater (expect over 200 innings from him) who would help shorten the game for the Mets' bullpen. He'd also be insurance for us if either Pedro, Perez or O-Hern leaves as a free agent after the 2008 season.

2.) Sign Tony Clark. Clark had an interesting tenure with us once before, in 2003, playing in 125 games but only getting 254 at-bats, with 16 homers and 43 rbi's, batting only .232. He's hit over 30 homers 4 times, most recently for Arizona in 2005, and is supposed to be a great clubhouse presence. His fielding is average, at best, and in a pinch, he could play the outfield. For what we need, this right-handed hitting, 35 year old first baseman seems like he'd be just the right person! And he'd come reasonably cheap as well (think $3-4 mil for a single season).

What do you think- who should we sign, if anyone, to complete our roster?


Anonymous said...

i just think the mets are done now that they signed that huge contract

rmeli said...

they definitely don't need lohse, unless they really want Hernandez in the bullpen, which honestly will preserve him, but hurt his mental game and would not be a good setup man, maybe long relief, but then what happens to Sosa. Clark is definitely older now, not a bad 5th outfielder i guess, but i assume there is better. I definitely like your suggestions, I just don't think it is necessary, also...this is my opinion lol, which is just that, an opinion. but what does it matter, we got Johan!!