March 20, 2008

The Catching Situation

Matt Battaglino at The New York Post writes about the Mets catching situation and who he believes they should turn to:

With Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro suffering hamstring problems, perhaps the Mets should again turn to a man they’ve turned to many times before, who, for the most part, didn’t let them down.

Maybe the Mets should turn to Mike Piazza.
Maybe in a perfect world the Mets could have kept Mike because he never digressed from his staggering presence and intimidation in the box, but sadly enough the Mets didn’t and he isn’t. The page has turned on the Piazza era in Queens. The Mets should just let it go and we fans should just remember Mike Piazza for what he meant to us.

Besides all that, what will he do when Schneider and Castro return? Ask yourself that.


Anonymous said...

why does everyone turn to piazza when there is the slightest problem? hes not the same anymore or he would be signed by now

Ken Barki said...

Obviously the people don't know what they're talking about, Mike Piazza is still one of the greatest catchers still in baseball, and just because he didn't get signed yet doesn't mean he's not good, people need to realize the true power he possesses, Mike never let the Mets down, or ANY team for that matter, I really don't even see why the Mets haven't signed him yet, he's most likely not even looking for a high salary contract, and just because the Mets have Schneider and Castro, doesn't mean that a VETERAN like Mike couldn't teach them a couple things, I think Minaya really needs to get organized and realize he is missing out on not only bringing back a great player, but also all the revenue that comes with him, Mike is very popular among the Met fans of today, with him playing for the Mets again, I can almost guarantee that there will be a more eager and positive atmosphere among the fans, and the team that he is in Shea, and maybe even Citi if they were a little more intelligent about who they pick...

nancy said...

ITA with Ken, Mike would bring a positive influence in a sport that is riddled with negatives. His bat is a hot as ever and his catching has always underrated. Was P.L. so much better, I don't think so....Mike was the heart of the Mets for many years and noone has replaced him. Wake up Minaya, the only Super Star Met in years is waiting for your call!!!