March 10, 2008

Church Recovering From Scary Concussion

In today's NewYorkTimes sports section, Ben Shpigel discusses the Grade II Concussion suffered on March 1st by Mets' outfielder, Ryan Church, which made him feel like he “just got punched in the face by Mike Tyson without his boxing glove on.”

Church was most upset about possibly missing his chance to prove he should be the Mets' starting rightfielder:

The most frustrating part, Church said, was sitting at his locker wearing street clothes while watching his teammates get dressed to play without him. After being anointed as the opening day right fielder during the conference call that announced his trade from Washington, Church said he was eager to put his uneven career with the Nationals behind him.

Thankfully, Church played again Sunday, although he went 0-3, but it's just great seeing him in the lineup!

Shpigel also has some notes on Jose Valentin's quest to make the roster, as well as John Maine's amazing performance yesterday. As always, a great read from Shpigel.


Anonymous said...

can anyone else see nady in him???

Anonymous said...

hes gonna hit like a demon this season

Anonymous said...

so marlons chest is a tyson punch...interesting