March 10, 2008

Pagan's Chances Improve By The Day

In today's Daily News, writer Peter Botte has the BEST opening lines to a story for all Mets' fans who HATE the idea of Barry Bonds' even being DISCUSSED for a roster spot with the team (to read the article, click here):

Angel Pagan has hit 753 fewer career home runs than Barry Bonds' 762, but he also has one thing baseball's king of controversy isn't ever likely to receive: A chance to start the season with the Mets.

Pagan, originally drafted by the Mets and reacquired this off-season from the Cubs, on his chances of making the roster:

I'm feeling great ... and I feel like I have shown a lot so they can believe in me and know that I can do the job, too, so they don't have to go out and get someone else," Pagan said before going 1-for-3 in yesterday's 3-0 over the Astros. "In the end, they will make the decision, but I want to make it hard for them."

From everything we've been hearing, Willie seems to be enamored of the kid's "moxie" and if Pagan keeps playing like he has been, a combo of Angel and Endy Chavez is what we may end up with until the return to health of Moises Alou.

"The way he plays, yeah, that's how you do it," Randolph said. "That's a perfect example of how you get a hit like that. That's why I love this kid. He hustles, plays hard, he's one of our better athletes on the team and we all can learn from that, all the players.

"And hey, that's how you make the ballclub, for me, with those kinds of things. Little things like that jump right at me every time. ... He's making a strong bid for it, that's for sure."

Just goes to show that sometimes a solution presents itself from the last place you'd expect to look. Keep up the great work, Angel!!


Anonymous said...

hes the reason why the mets dont need to get another outfielder

Anonymous said...

hes the reason why the mets dont need to get another outfielder

Brett said...

Remember everyone, it's just spring training