March 10, 2008

Epstein Says Red Sox Never Pulled Out of Santana Negotiations

According to Kevin Burkhardt at SNY, Red Sox GM Theo Epstein never pulled out of the negotiations for former Twins' (current Met) hurler, Johan Santana. During the top of the 2nd inning of today's broadcast, Burkhardt stated that Epstein told him that the Sox kept two different offers in play throughout the negotiations, and that the Twins came back to him to tell Epstein that they were going with a better offer from the Mets. So much for the newspapers that said the Sox pulled out. It could have remained a power play to stop the Yankees from acquiring Santana, and that is something that, of course, Epstein would never admit to, but either way, it's nice to hear that the Mets offer was, indeed, the best the Twins could get- and so much for those naysayers, huh?

By the way- Santana has 3 strike-outs through 2 innings.


Anonymous said...

so what your saying is that yankee fans should bite their tongue because we won him from the red sox

Anonymous said...

who cares??? we have him now and who cares about the past. would of should of could of shut up yankee fans just shut up

Anonymous said...

this is never gonna go away