March 10, 2008

An Old Mets' Phenomenon Is Back...

Most of the time, when the Mets aren't batting, fans take their food breaks or phone breaks or bathroom breaks. Let's face it- when the Mets aren't hitting, it's not quite as fun to watch the game...unless, that is, a great pitcher is on the mound- someone like Johan Santana!!!

There have been a handful of pitchers who, if they were on the mound that day, all "business" had to be taken care of either before or after the game - Tom Seaver, Dwight Gooden, David Cone and Pedro Martinez being the only ones...that is, until this season!!!

When Johan pitches, it's even more exciting then watching the Mets bat!!! Remember- the majority of the good/great Mets' teams were based on great pitching and excellent defense, so growing up, we had a different appreciation for those aspects of the game. Since 1994, at least, when the home run has really reigned supreme, great pitching has taken a back seat to great hitting. With the Mets, we have 2 (Santana & Pedro) and possibly 3 (Maine) who you don't want to miss even one pitch when it's their turn. Makes for an even more exciting season, and I don't want to THINK about what this team would have been like if we didn't acquire Santana!!!


Anonymous said...

me too me too

Anonymous said...

this is truley going to be a great season