March 25, 2008

Gotay, Register on Waivers, Roster Taking Shape

UPDATE: Ruben Gotay was in uniform today during the Mets' game- so either he was not placed on waivers, or he was and has already cleared - more as the story develops!!!

UPDATE 2: Gotay is now playing, so again, either reports were not true or he's already passed through waivers.

The Mets' today placed reliever Steven Register and infielder Ruben Gotay on waivers.

Basically, here's what it breaks down to- Gotay is out of options, and is injured, and is not a great fielder but has an intriguing bat, and the Mets' hope that no team will claim him due to the injury, which would allow them to demote him to the minors so that he can get healthy and get in some playing time until Moises Alou returns from injury, at which time he would probably be promoted and someone else would be shipped out or waived. If a team were to claim him, he's simply gone.

Register is a different story. He was claimed as a Rule V player from the Rockies, and therefore, the Mets have to carry him on their roster all season long or must offer him back to the Rockies for 50k. It seems as though the Mets want to keep him, but not in the majors right now, so they are simply following protocol which means that first, they place him on waivers; second, if he is not claimed, he is offered back to the Rockies. They can either take him back, make a trade with the Mets so the Mets can keep him, or release him in which case he'd become free to negotiate with any other team. Chances are, some team in need of relief help will grab him, a risk the Mets' have to take if they want to keep him- kind of the baseball version of "if you love someone, set them free...and if they are meant to come back, no other team will claim him and he can toil in the minors for you for another year or so...." or something like that!

This probably means that Joe Smith has secured a place in the bullpen- that last spot is up for grabs, based on what happens with the fifth starter slot. Conceivably, Pelfrey could be kept on as a reliever if he isn't the 5th starter, or Nelson Figueroa could stay if Pelfrey gets that slot. You've got to be right now that O-Hern is going to start the season in extended Spring Training, for at least the first 2-3 weeks of the season.


Anonymous said...

how can you put GOTAY on waivers???

Anonymous said...

they dont like kepp so they trade him for gotay and now they put him n waivers too...what is going on

Anonymous said...

i guess the mets dont like second base prospects that much do they?

Anonymous said...

do the mets have to give register back to his original team now that he wont be on the opning day roster

Anonymous said...

el duque's arm has less life on it than my grandfather and besides he lost hisgreat leg kick. if there is any chance of him getting into the 5th spot he is going to have to raise his speed an aughful lot. whats it at? i think the high 70s right now...not cutting it el duque