March 25, 2008

SI Picks Mets' For First In Division, Losing to Rockies In Play-Offs

This week brings Sports' Illustrated's annual baseball preview issue, and today they posted their team by team previews over at To see the Mets' preview, click here. Basically, SI picked the Mets to finish first in the NL East, going 91-71, some 5 games ahead of the Phils. They also predict that the Mets will lose in the first round of the play-offs to the Rockies, who will themselves lose to the World Series-bound Cubs, who they predict will lose to the Tigers in the Series. Good thing the games have to actually be played, huh? I am not going to read any of the reviews, instead waiting for the issue to arrive in order to read it on the plane-ride to Florida for the final spring game Friday, a mere appetizer to opening day! If you don't subscribe to SI, these previews are always a fun read (and certainly better than the others released to date, which are laden with roster errors.) Enjoy!


Ken Barki said...

How can they even say that? That is such, excuse my french, bullCRAP! The Mets of course will finish first in the NL East, but lose to the Rockies? Are these guys for real?

Anonymous said...

what is SI smoking on this one??? so what they are saying is francis is better than johan