March 18, 2008

I'm Starting To Freak Out A Little

With Spring Training nearing to a close and the season starting in a little less than two weeks, maybe it’s time that I start to get a little worried about some of the key players who still haven’t made their debut yet. I was reassuring myself when all of the injuries rose to the top that it was still early in ST to start freaking out, but it’s gone on for too long.

How is Duaner Sanchez still not ready to make a complete comeback? I understand that he had two surgeries since that fateful night in Miami, but I thought that he was in phenomenal shape and wouldn’t have a problem anymore? He’s sporting an ERA in the upper six’s and he needs frequent rest between appearances. This doesn’t exactly exemplify an elite set up man or any kind of reliever for that matter.

Carlos Delgado can’t win, can he? The guy goes through his worst season, has a balky hip, broke his hand in the last day of the season and now he gets brutalized by a broken bat. Besides this, he’s hitting on the Mendoza line. Can someone please give him an umbrella to protect him from that rain cloud that seems to be over his head?

Where in God’s green earth is Luis Castillo? He had his knees cleaned out over the off season like Carlos Beltran, but Beltran has found his way back into the lineup. If he doesn’t put a rush on it, he may be having Spring Training in the first month of the season and that’s never a good thing for the team.

The next thing we are going to hear about El Duque is that he needs to be put on a dialysis machine or in an iron lung with the way he’s going. So let me get this straight. You have surgery on your foot, but you don’t get the bunion removed? I don’t get it. Now because of the bunion he has to alter his delivery, which means no more almost kneeing himself in the face. And I know everyone has been beating this point like a piñata, but when a pitcher has to alter his delivery at the end of his career it can hardly ever end up being a good thing.

Both Brian Schneider and Ramon Castro are out with leg injuries and I’m about to have a freaking heart attack. First of all, Schneider has to get used to this bunch of pitchers. Especially with three of them (maybe) being the accomplished gamers that they are, need him to be able to know how they like to go about attacking the batters. The Mets can’t afford for Castro to be on the shelf if Schneider is already there. Who are we going to see come up from the minors to replace them then? There is no Alomar Jr. or Di Felice anymore and no matter how atrocious their hitting was, they were pretty decent defensive catchers.

With all of this going on, I don’t know what to think. Hopefully they can pull it all together before the beginning o the season. But if they don’t, this team is going to resemble the Padres in a hurry. All pitchingandnobats.


Anonymous said...

john i think you're a little late to be starting to freak any rate welcome to the club

Anonymous said...

castillo is starting to scare me too with his non playing self

Mets Fan said...

El Duque didn't opt for bunion surgery because the recovery time was too long..

As for freaking out.. like he said.. welcome to the club.