March 09, 2008

In Response To My "Random News & Notes"...

One of my family's dearest friends, Ed Budd, a lifetime New Yorker, happens to also be one of the biggest Mets' fans on the planet! I forward my latest blog entires to him and his also-Mets'-loving (and lovely) wife, Marilyn, and today I had a pretty humorous response. Please read my "Random Notes" first, before you read this, as his comments will make FAR more sense. We hope that Ed will write a lot of posts for us this year, as his blend of humor and good old New York wisdom are a welcome addition. And, I warn you now- he is NOT a fan of either Rick Peterson nor Willie Randolph!

Take it away, Ed!!!

Response to your post, "Random News & Notes - 3/9/08
By Ed Budd

On Peterson
Mother Theresa wouldn't get along with Peterson!!

On David thinking he's older than the Mets roster
Many Mets ARE older than you are. I'm 61, and there are one or two who appear older than ME!! We all know that those south-of-the-border birth certificates are just approximations, right?I believe Alou will be serenaded one of these days by Willard Scott on the Today Show.

On Willie & Peterson's handling of the pitching staff:
Sorry, but Willie and Peterson would make mistakes with a pitching staff of Koufax, Drysdale, Seaver, Gibson and Pelfrey. They'd probably pick Pelfrey for a one-game playoff!!!! Does it sound as if I've lost some confidence since the "Davey Days"?

On our competition
Watch Atlanta's lineup. That team can't pitch, but boy, will they score runs. If the Phillies pitching does what they did last year, they're still the team we have to beat. Unless Santana, like Mike Marshall (I'm dating myself) can pitch every day. [Editor's Note: Mike Marshall was the rubber-armed reliever with the Expos and Dodgers, who has his own way of throwing that he believes would allow pitchers to pitch more innings, start more games and avoid injuries. Sadly, he's thought of as a "quack" and not as a positive resolution to pitching injuries.] Now that Schilling (Curt, of Red Sox fame) is out and Beckett has a boo-boo in his back, I think that Santana and Maine might be a top candidate for best one-two combination in baseball. [Editor's Note: I'd prefer it be Johan and Pedro, but I'm not picky!]

On Pedro's health
Every Friday night, I say a prayer for Pedro. (In Hebrew:) Baruch ata Adonai, elohenu melech ha'o'lam, asher kid'shanu b'mitzvoh tav vitsivanu la hadlotsofrehabonhisshoulder. Amets.


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