March 09, 2008

Random Notes & News

Good day, Mets' fans! (S0rry there are no pics- blogspot is having some issues today -we'll add some as soon as we're able!)

It's been over a week since I've been able to post, and SO many things have happened (especially injuries and returns from injuries) that I thought I'd just post some random notes, links and thoughts...

...I hereby order the Mets to refrain from signing even ONE MORE PLAYER NAMED REYES!!! 3 is quite enough, thank you...unless, of course, they can all play like JOSE!!!

...Pelfrey is right back in mid-season form - one great outing, one not-so-great outing...which one will we see? He HAS to get some consistency or never make this club! He looks so unhittable at times that it's that much more frustrating when his game is off...

...John Maine, on the other hand, looked AMAZING today, 4 innings, no hits, no runs, with great movement (and speed) from his fastball!

...If Angel Pagan can hit like he is in spring training (.438 avg), he not only makes this team, he stops us from having to make an outfield trade.

...Forget Barry Bonds (please- sign a 43 yr old who can be in court at any time to replace a 41 yr old Alou?) and, if we have to sign a free agent outfielder, make it Kenny Lofton. Lofton can still run and hit and field, he's a good clubhouse guy and will only cost money, not any minor leaguers (the way a Marcus Thames would).

...If you are looking for a great NY Mets jersey, head over to ebay and go to JerseyStore2000 and check out their great deals, particularly on Majestic Santana, Martinez and Wright jerseys! John and I got the Santana jerseys from him, and they are SWEET!!!! He's not an advertiser, and we take NO responsibility for anything he (or ebay) does...but if you want a great deal, we've purchased almost a dozen different jerseys from him, combined, and we've had great experiences so far- even if his store IS in Phillie!

...Great article over at FoxSports today, by Ken Rosenthal, entitled "Bonds Isn't answer for waht ails the always, Ken is the "go to" guy for baseball scoops!

...As most regular readers know by now, Pedro Martinez remains one of my favorite players of all time, let alone being one of my favorite Mets! Today, over at the NYDailyNews website, Christian Red has a great article on Pedro and his wife, Carolina, and their charitable endeavors in the Dominican! Pedro is one of the true "good guys" in this game we love, regardless of whether you think he's crazy or just high-spirited, and Red's profile is touching.

...Also in today's NYDailyNews, Bill Madden profiles the fall of the 2006 Redbirds, and I can't say I have any sympathy for them at all...(Beltran whiffing remains one of the worst moments of my life!!!) A great read, and I'm happy that one of my favorite players, Scott Rolen, escaped from the turmoil that is Tony "self-proclaimed genius" La Russa!

...It is truly a pleasure to hear Keith and Ron again, something that I think Mets' fans who get the games regularly in NY can take for granted from time to time!

...Can't WAIT to see Johan tomorrow against the Red Sox!!! My god-brother's son was the batboy today, and they will be attending the game tomorrow as well, so we'll post pics and stories as soon as they come in! Congrats, Max, and what a game to be a batboy for!!!

...Matt Cerone, owner of Metsblog, had a great week in St. Lucie, and I advise checking out his great observations and pictures/videoes over at his site! Sounds like you lived a dream come true, Matt, and thanks for sharing some great info/insight on your fun week!

...Heath Bell, Matt Lindstrom and Brian Bannister would have given us the best, by far, pitching staff in baseball...would we have made the trade for Santana, though, if we had Bannister onboard, or would we have gone with a rotation of Pedro/O-Hern/Bannister/Maine/Perez?? Interesting to speculate Jonathan said, Bell never got a chance in NY, and would never have received the chance that he got in San Diego- don't know why Peterson and Bell never meshed, and with the way Bell threw last season, what a great bullpen we'd have with Heilman/Sanchez/Bell/Wagner in the late innings!!!

...DEFINITELY the most important draft for this organization in the past 10 years or so, picking 18th (from Braves/Glavine), 22nd (our pick) and 33rd (sandwich pick- Braves/Glavine). With a minor league system ranked 28th overall by Baseball America (and you KNOW what we think of THOSE rankings), and with an upper level stocked with little talent and lots of retreads (Fernando Tatis, Brady Clark, Tony Armas, etc.), we need some high-ceiling, major league-ready (or almost ml-ready) talent, particularly pitchers and outfielders, in order to restock the farm system quickly and provide some in-house alternatives should, heaven forbid, we find ourselves in an injury-riddled situation like the one we seem to finally be steering out of...

...Speaking of injuries, I have NEVER seen anything like this Spring in my life!!! O-Hern, Sanchez, Padilla, Schneider, Delgado, Castillo, Easley, Gotay, Valentin, Alou, Anderson, Beltran, Chavez, Church and Abreau - WOW!!! I mean, WOW!!! I know that a LOT of people were critical of the Mets' having so many older players that we are relying on, but that doesn't account for injuries to far younger players, like Church, Gotay and Abreau! Let's hope (pray) that, with the return of Schneider, Easley, Valentin, Chavez and Church to the line-up, that the injury bug is well on its way out of town, cause none of us can take much more of this!!!!

...Speaking of age, I was asked recently if, being the same age as Barry Bonds, it bothered me that the majority of major leaguers (except ole man river, Julio Franco) were younger than me now? Truthfully, I knew it had to happen, and it hasn't changed how I view players or myself. What DOES freak me out a bit is seeing Hal and Hank Steinbrenner in the news, not father George, or Jeff Wilpon in the news, not father Fred...when Fred Wilpon (and Nelson Doubleday) took over the ownership reigns of the Mets, I finally felt like we would compete with the Steinbrenner-led Yankees, and Fred will always strike me as the youngish man who took center stage in hiring Frank Cashen and Davey Johnson, and restoring pride in our long-suffering team across the entire organization. Seeing his son start to really take over things (although Fred is FAR from the retirement stage), THAT makes me feel my age on some days (and hey, it's not like I'm over the hill or anything- sheesh!!!!)

...John, Jonathan and I will be at the Spring Training Game in Fort Lauderdale on March 28th, so if anyone wants to meet us for a hot dog and a beer, let us know! We will also be at Games 1 and 2 in Miami, and I am betting there will be far more Mets' fans in the house than Marlins fans!!! If you are going to either of those games, let us know and we can meet up somewhere in the Stadium as well! The season is finally almost here- NOW the winter is leaving fast!

...Have a great rest of your Sunday - we'll be back with regular posts this week!

Jonathan and David

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i think this spring training has taken years off my life