March 11, 2008

Martinez Looking For Max Three Years

Tony Massarotti at The Boston herald writes about Pedro Martinez and what kind of contract he wants to look for after this season:

The future? Martinez doesn’t have any firm plans yet, largely because he understands the importance of this season. If he pitches well, he will be in position to sign another long-term contract, undoubtedly the last of his career. Martinez will not turn 37 until late October, and the one thing he promises is that he will not be pitching when he’s 40.

That means he’ll be looking for a three-year deal.

“Maximum,” Martinez stressed.

When I first read this article and saw the headline I thought Pedro was smoking something, but if he pitches well enough in 2008 I can see the Mets giving him a two year deal with a third year option. That certainly wouldn’t be out of the question and besides, it would be nice to still have his veteran presence and experience around the club house to help guide the young arms that will be filtering through. But it comes with a big if on it. If Pedro can go around 15-9 with a 3.40 ERA, then I would say it’s a given.


Anonymous said...

well he said he wants to pitch until he is 40

Anonymous said...

if he pitches well enough then he has an outside chance of hitting 300 wins

Anonymous said...

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