March 11, 2008

Mets 3rd On MLB Top Rotations

Anthony DiComo at writes about the top pitching rotations in the Majors and the Mets come in at three:

There is nothing Santana can't do, no problem he can't solve. At least that's how it seems in Mets camp, where Santana alone has helped wash away all the sour memories of last season's collapse. Now there's reason for Mets fans to believe. Santana's presence has relieved Pedro Martinez -- perhaps this generation's most accomplished pitcher -- of his duties as an ace, and pushed 15-game winners John Maine and Oliver Perez into supporting roles. The Mets were without Santana last season and without Martinez for all but five starts, yet they still managed to finish fifth in the NL with a 4.40 rotation ERA. Improvement on that number seems all but guaranteed.

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t know another rotation that its third and fourth starters combined for thirty wins last year. I think they’re just basing this primarily on the top two starters. If they were to compare the entire rotation against any other one, I feel there isn’t a better rotation out there if Martinez can stay healthy.

Note From David
: We are ALSO ranked number 5 in line-ups, also from, behind the Tigers, Yankees, Red Sox and Phils.

From writer, Jim Molony:

"But there's no question that the New York line-up, when everyone is healthy, consists of a balanced attack with substantial power, speed and on-base ability.


Anonymous said...

everyone sells the mets short or shoots for the stars there is no in between

Anonymous said...

aint that the truth

Anonymous said...

wow i never thought about that before...our 4th and 5th starters have 30 wins between them!!!

David Rubin & Jonathan Elfenbein said...

Actually, it's the 3rd and 4th starters combined for 30 wins, but who's counting (LOL)!!!

Pretty awesome, huh? We could get over 65 wins just from our starters.

Anonymous said...

TO be honest, I can't think of any rotation in baseball that's better than the Mets. I'm not drinking cood-aid here. How many rotations have 4 pitchers that are #1s and #2s?

Shea It Ain't So said...

The thing is if the Mets rotation performs the way we hope its a top rotation. I think Maine can repeat last season but I'm not sold on Perez, Pedro needs to stay healthy, who the hell knows what to expect from El duque and Pelfrey. SO the only real sure thing is Santana, but those are all worse case scenarios. So if they all pan out the way we want it to we will be fine.