March 12, 2008

Mets Should Stand Firm

So now there is a rumor coming out that the Mets asked the Blue Jays about Reed John son and Shannon Stewart. For some reason this just doesn’t hit me as something that has even the slightest chance of happening.

Besides that, what happened to Angel Pagan? Why can’t the Mets just rest on their morals and give Pagan what he has earned? The guy is hitting like a man possessed and his speed is good enough to let Beltran move to left field until his knees recover to full strength. Pagan has shown no reason as to why the Mets should trade away what pitching is left to obtain yet another outfielder. I mean they already have Beltran, Alou, Church and reserves Valentin, Easley, Anderson, Chavez, Pagan and Martinez (sure I missed a few) to platoon with Church if need be and replace Alou for the first month or so of the season.

Do they really think they need to import another bat at the expense of the thinning pitching depth? If they do we are going to be seeing a lot of high scoring games that the bats aren’t going to be able to keep up with.

So if you ask me, I say they should just hold pat and stand firm with what they already have. After all, Angel Pagan doesn’t look like he’s going to be cooling off any time soon.


Anonymous said...

thats how i have been feeling

Anonymous said...

why cant the mets ever be happy with what is in their hand

Anonymous said...

pagan in center is a good idea