March 12, 2008

No Castillo Yet

As reported on numerous sites, Luis Castillo will not be playing in today’s game against the Orioles.

Does this scare me? Not really.

But this always does (from David Lennon at On the Mets Beat):

Castillo always looks like he's limping, and has the knees of a 70-year-old, so it's hard to know how badly he's injured when you see him. Willie Randolph will likely address the issue after the game and not say anything particularly revealing. My guess is Castillo knows his body very well and will be ready for Opening Day.

I guess we should all trust Castillo to know how long he will need to get back on that baseball horse. But if this goes on beyond Friday, I’m going to start the dash to Valentin’s locker and plead for him to be ready for opening day.


Anonymous said...

well hes scaring me john

Anonymous said...

at least we do have valentin and gotay to fall back on

Anonymous said...

if castillo is out does beltran bat second?

Anonymous said...

here we go with the beltran batting second questions again