March 12, 2008

Pagan For Crisp? ***UPDATED - NOT Going To Happen!!!

*****Editor's Note from David: According to sources as far-ranging as Metsblog and Newsday, this was merely a rumor and there is no substance to the deal, according to reps for the Mets. Additionally, on a slow news day, with the Mets coming off of a 2-game mini-series vs. the Sox, what else did someone have to do with themselves but make up a rumor? (And we are NOT stating that Ed Coleman did so, as we truly have the utmost respect for Ed!) These kind of things happen all the time, it's a loooooong season, we've had tons of injuries and I am surprised, quite frankly, that the Mets haven't been the subject of even MORE rumors lately. Much improved start from Perez, by the way- and, to boot, Pagan hit a homer!!!!! Way to knock a rumor on it's head, Angel!!!!

According to Rotoworld the Mets and Red Sox are working on a deal that will send Coco Crisp to the Mets for Angel Pagan.

The Red Sox would be practically giving Crisp away, but they may feel they have no choice if he's going to cause problems as a fourth outfielder. It's not like there's a real market for him when Corey Patterson can't do better than a minor league deal and Kenny Lofton remains a free agent. Pagan at least can serve as a backup center fielder and would be content in the role, unlike Crisp.

So now with Pagan’s value so high, the Mets are going to try and pull the trigger. Crisp doesn’t have much pop in his bat, but is a lifetime .280 hitter. I can’t really say that he would like to come to a World Series contender because he will be coming from the Red Sox.

Besides, if he’s not going to be comfortable in the fourth outfielder’s role, then how’s he going to be in the fifth spot? I don’t think this deal will go through and will also be thankful for it.


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the hits just dont stop coming

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oh god please no..

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