April 12, 2008

And Now A Word (or Two) From Guest-Blogger, Ed Budd...

Editor's Note: From time to time, friends and family will send posts to us so that they, too, can express their anger, joy and everything in-between about our beloved Mets! Without further ado, here's the second post from one Ed Budd. Oh wait- here's the "legal" disclaimer -

As always, the views expressed in any guest post are solely the views of the person posting (right, like I would take the blame for them?!), and do not reflect the views of Shea Nation (but usually do) nor any of its employees (what employees? John- did you hire someone without telling me?) or its affiliates (yes, Ed Ryan and Andrew, we are protecting you from litigation once again!- and I always loved hearing the word "affiliates" at the end of a broadcast- didn't you?) Please refrain from suing (my lawyer's FAR higher up the ladder than yours) and any satire or name-calling is simply the venting of frustration at being a fan (I'm rubber, you're glue, whatever you say sticks back to you!) Now enjoy (and that's a command!)

My Daily Rant

By Ed Budd

I was screaming the other night that they should've let Pedro Feliz bat, then pitch to Ryan Howard, and then bring in the head-case (as I refer to Aaron Heilman). My lovely wife said, "no, a base hit here and they get a run". I countered, "If Heilman pitches to Howard, THEY get a run!!" A massive "I told you so" did not diminish the anguish. Typical Willie. No wonder he interviewed for several manager jobs and was never hired before the Mets took him on (ouch!). What a putz. Taking out Oliver Perez this past week too early? Typical Willie - and right after he said that he wanted to stretch out his starters! What a putz. Taking out John Maine at the first sign of a three-ball count? Typical Willie - what a putz! Is there a theme here? Yes. I'm wondering if (pitching coach) Rick Peterson (who I call "Dick Cheney") is really putting thoughts into Willie's (Bush's) head, or if Willie really IS in control.

I feel sorry for Jose Reyes. He looks like a lost little boy. No fire, no smiles, no jumping up and down. Another classic mistake by Willie and the Wilpon's (Alvin and the Chipmunks). Take the only guy on your team that has the ability to ignite the team and throw buckets of water on his fire. Then we all wonder how come the fire went out. Isn't it odd that this guy, who you wouldn't have traded for anyone in the majors two years ago, is suddenly a listless double-play machine? (By the way, nice rally-killer last night, Jo-se, Jo-se Jo-se Jo-se). In the majors these days, huge changes in output (negative or positive) are attributable to one of three things: experience/maturity issues, injury or drugs (there's still no test for HGH). Where have you gone, Jose Dimaggio, indeed?!

Rant, Part 2: The Mets' fans are electric, the Mets are not. This management team would never have a Ray Knight or a Lenny Dykstra or a Jerry Grote on the team. Check out the lineup from left to right: Alou, Beltran, Church, Delgado, Castillo, Schneider - only Wright and the (late) Jose Reyes have any emotion, any juice, any fire, any 'mojo' on the entire squad (I'm ignoring Pedro Martinez, currently a part-timer). ['Editor's Note- Our outfield is as easy as A-B-C- wow- I never saw THAT one!!! Even with "Angel" Pagan it still works- WOW! Thanks, ED!] You expect this kind of thing with the Yankees, but how come the Mets have managed to staff their club with the most bland, vanilla players in the majors? Omar could've had David Eckstein instead of Castillo. Nope - that wouldn't do. Eckstein plays like it's the 7th game of the Series every day, while Castillo, unfortunately is missing two kneecaps. Great move. On a "lighter note," we've won 3 in a row. Pitching has been great. I'm going to try to find a Nelson Figueroa jersey, but by the time I track one down, I'm sure Peterson will have sent him back to New Orleans Triple A! The Putz-in-Chief. Oh well, in the immortal words of my favorite philosopher, Sonny Bono, "the beat goes on".

P.S. - It's still better than watching the news.


Anonymous said...

thats hy we miss lo duca right now. no personalities left anymore

Anonymous said...

i dont think that feliciano would have batted in any situation that game