April 12, 2008

JO-SE, JO-SE JO-SE JOSE- Please Say, You're OK!!!

Jose Reyes left last night's game versus the Brewers in the 6th inning with a "tight" left hamstring. As you will remember, Jose has had a lof of trouble in the past with his legs, and we thought he'd gotten past that point. However, this might explain why he has stolen only one base in 3 attempts, and perhaps why he hasn't looked like himself to start the season. Any time a Mets' player is hurt, we doubt the veracity of the injury reports...we have to do a LOT of praying that, this time, Jose won't be out of the line-up too long, as the only short-term replacement would be Anderson Hernandez, and he is currently in AAA New Orleans. Manager Willie Randolph's comments didn't seem to be those of a manager faced with losing one of his 2 most irreplacable starting players, so perhaps this will simply provide Jose with a chance to re-energize his batteries and get a new start to the season. One can only hope this to be the case, as I don't want to BEGIN to envision a Mets' team without Reyes for any length of time! In the meantime, with Luis Castillo already hurting, we may find a line-up featuring Easley at second and Marlon Anderson at shortstop tonite- not the best defensive alignment we've ever had up the middle- makes one long for the old Doug Flynn- Frank Tavares combo!

Photo (c) Michael Daniel Rubin - 2007

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please say reyes isnt visiting the days of old