April 12, 2008

Thoughts on the Line-Up...

Earlier today, before the game vs. the Brewers began, John Young and I were talking and I told him of an idea that I had regarding our line-up, once Luis Castillo returns to "active duty" so to speak. Here's what I suggested:

Angel Pagan-LF
Jose Reyes - SS
David Wright - 3B
Carlos Beltran - CF
Carlos Delgado - 1b
Ryan Church-RF
Brian Schneider - C
Luis Castillo- 2B

Before you accuse me of being a disciple of Tony LaRussa (perish the thought), here's my thinking- Pagan has been on fire, and has excellent speed and hitting instincts we didn't know he had- the extra at-bats might continue to spark our offense; Reyes is pressing at the plate and needs a change of pace, in addition to the opportunity to flex his muscles and be a more free-wheeling hitter; Castillo becomes a second lead-off hitter, providing both Reyes and Wright additional RBI opportunities while, hopefully, taking away Castillo's seeming need to bunt so often...at this point, with our offense yet to explode, this might provide a spark, if only temporary. It's early in the season, and while Willie still experiments with the bullpen and the assignment of roles, why not play a hunch of a different kind?

It's just a thought, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on the line-up as well...


Anonymous said...

good thought but it would never happen

Anonymous said...

it might go that way now if reyes is going to be sitting for a while