April 08, 2008

Wise To The DL

David Lennon at On The Mets Beat writes about the Mets opener today and about Matt Wise hitting the Disabled List:

Matt Wise was placed on the disabled list today with what the Mets are calling a contusion of the right forearm. But let's not forget that this guy has had three elbow surgeries, so at this point would it be surprising if he has to go under the knife again? I don't think so. To fill his spot, the Mets called up Carlos Muniz from Triple-A Tidewater, I mean, New Orleans.
I totally forgot that he’s had that many surgeries. Well I guess Muniz will get his shot to show the club what he can do. Remember that he is a closer in the minors, so the pressure shouldn’t bother him that much.


Anonymous said...

this team shouldbe renamed the DL squad

Anonymous said...

Is castillo hurt now?!?!?

dave said...

i dont know I'm not watching the game