April 08, 2008

Put Up Or Shut Up

Kevin Kernan at The New York Post writes about today’s Shea Opener and proclaims that the games before this one were all merely warm ups:

Up until today, the games against Florida and Atlanta have been warm-ups. This is the real thing when Oliver Perez goes against Jamie Moyer this afternoon at Shea. Now the Mets' season is truly under way.

The Mets will never completely close the door on what happened to them last year until they win a World Series championship, but they can begin to close the door on last season with a win against the Phillies today. That's Step One.

I love this mentality because like Kevin said; to erase the stench of last year the Mets are going to have to put a big hurting on the Phillies. Let’s hope our boys can deliver on Beltran’s comment and deliver us from evil.


Anonymous said...

i am so psyched about today

Anonymous said...

we get to face moyer today!!!!! although ollie doesnt do good against the phils, maybe today will be different