May 25, 2008

Eventful Week Coming Up: Willie's Meeting, Pedro's Rehab...and, OH YEAH - I THINK We Might Be Playing Some Games, Too!!

There's so much going on around the Mets these days that you're almost able to forget that they'll actually be playing ballgames this week, too, against the first place Marlins and the Dodgers. [Speaking of the Dodgers- I went to the game today, and something AMAZING happened- they WON- in EXTRA INNINGS!!!! Why can't the team from Queens do that?!]

In the midst of playing said games, Willie Randolph will be meeting with the Wilpons and Omar [again] on Monday, to figure out just how things will play out and, probably, to let Willie know just how long [or short] his tenure as manager will be, based on such things as, oh, WINS & LOSSES!!! Remember that first one - WINS??? It's getting harder and harder!

Also this week, Pedro Martinez will be making his rehab start, either Wednesday or Thursday, against his wishes, as he wanted to go directly back to the majors. I think at least one rehab start is a smart way to go, and hopefully he'll be able to continue the season and show the promise that his health seemed to imply before the season began. Jonathan and I were at the 2nd game this season, and watching him leave the field with an injury is still something that's stayed with us and nothing short of a successful and healthy return will be able to wipe that image away.

This team is starting to resemble a soap opera more than a baseball team...let's just win a few games, put all of this [PLEASE] behind us and focus on what's important...

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