May 25, 2008

ESPN's Keith Law Says Mets Interested in Catcher in Upcoming Draft

From Keith Law's column posted on ESPN (Insider subscription required):

The Mets are very interested in American Heritage (Fla.) catcher Adrian Nieto, a switch-hitter who has a strong arm and projects to hit for power. Nieto could go in the sandwich round, where he has several suitors, and shouldn't last beyond the second round.

To learn more about Nieto, click here for a link to his MILB draft report. By all accounts, Nieto, a switch-hitter, is a catching prospect (high school) with some pop, who needs more time behind the plate due to an injury that robbed him most of the prior season. Why we'd want a catcher that high who isn't a college player when we have Mr. Pena coming through the ranks, especially at the cost of such a high pick, is surprising; perhaps there's more to Nieto then meets the eye.

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