May 24, 2008

Someone Is Listening...

Over the past few days, we'd posted a few roster suggestions, which including bringing up Fernando Tatis and one from the Nick Evans - Daniel Murphy - Mike Carp trio; last night, the newly-promoted Tatis had a homer (back to back after Carlos Delgado's), as well as a single, and Evans was promoted last night, and is in Colorado as we speak.

Sad to say, pinch-hitter Marlon Anderson, whom Evans is replacing on the roster, hurt his hamstring and probably won't be back any time soon, by the look of the pain he was in last night (hard to watch). Evans will be starting in Left Field tonite, one of the many positions he played in AA (including, primarily, first base with a little third base thrown in), and he represents any potential future our minor league players have.

I'll be back late tonite with more about the orange and blue- in the meantime, Let's Go Mets!!!

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