May 07, 2008

A "Grease" song parody...

Jonathan's son, Matthew, recently was part of the stage crew of his high school production of the play "Grease." To honor Matthew's hard work, Jonathan began, and I finished, this version of "Sandy" - sing it to yourself...go know you want to...


Stranded on the basepaths....
Always told to stay,
What will they say,
Friday at Shea?

Wil-lie, can’t you see,
Met fans are in misery,

you've played your part,
right from the start,
of ripping my heart outta me,

My anger's grown,
and I'm not alone,
and how I wish you'd see,
oh please, pack your bags,
oh, Wil-lie...

Oh Willie, baby,

can't you see,
this teams a misery,
you've played a part,
in our bad start,
and sadly, you're the key...

So pack your bags,
and walk away,
and take the jacket with you,
cause his, fif-teen minutes,
is up, too!


Why, why, why, why....oh Willie...

(With all apologies to Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey)

1 comment:

Robert Milelli said...

in all honestly, the guy has a winning record as a Met and has taken them to the NLCS in his first few years. When Church doesn't get up on a ball that hits the wall or Pagan doesn't back him up, that is not Willie's fault. And those two are the best on the team. In all honestly, they are playing just like last year and no one will be able to change it.