May 09, 2008

One More Song Parody...

By Ed Budd

(Sung to the tune of "3 Blind Mice")

Pete - er - son,
Pete - er - son,
See how they pitch,
That's why I bitch.
They all throw sliders right over the plate,
The hitters time them, and never swing late,
Another year we may have to wait,
Pete - er - son. Pete - er - son.

Find the exit, see,
We lose 'cause of Ricky P.,
Ollie's a nut, Pedro's MIA,
Heilman takes, then he give it away,
And they say they don't like to play at Shea,
Pete- er - son. Pete - er - son.

Fred Wilpon, Jeff Wilpon
Isaiah's fired,
But Willie's still hired
The Knicks, a disaster, but that we expected
Citi Field is now being erected.
But Willie and Rick are the ones you selected
Fred Wilpon. Fred Wilpon.

Slit my wrists.
Smashed my fists.
Just how much worse can this stuff get?
I bet on the Mets, and I'm now in debt.
Now I know why Elvis shot his TV set.
Let's go Mets. Let's go Mets!!

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