May 15, 2008

I guess I'm alone Willie!!!

Ok guys. I think I'm the last person who is a Met fan that still likes Willie and wants to keep him. I know I am going to get a lot of crap for this, but I have to defend him. Sorry guys.

To be honest with you, this team doesn't have heart, and they have no fire, and yes I do blame Willie for that. But honestly, how in the world can you blame Willie for the team lacking so many fundamentals. How can you blame him for the lack of special play. The lack of late inning magic. The lack of runs. The lack of bullpen. The lack of hits...etc. Honestly, Willie's job doesn't involve bettering players, thats what the other coaches are there for. Willie is there to make strategic moves. And yes, they aren't working out, but you have to say, he has exhausted all options. How can he be blamed when he tries Heilman in every possible bullpen role and he looks worse than the batting practice pitcher in each role. The last thing Willie can do is just not use him, and if he did that, the rest of the bullpen would get worn out and also pitch worse. And then you guys would blame him for bringing in those pitchers as well. When I say all and you guys, I don't mean every Met fan, I'm just showing and opposite view to what everyone seems to be thinking. Willie can't win because of the players, not because he is making the wrong moves.

I feel like I'm alone. When you play the Nationals and give up one run in the whole game, and you don't WIN, that's pitiful. In a one run game, why is Reyes trying to stretch to third in the seventh, why is Beltran so far off the bag in the ninth? That isn't Willie's fault; those are both spur of the moment decisions which the players chose wrong on. I give Willie the blame AS WELL as the team. It's just to easy to pin the blame on Willie, he is the manager. But does anyone really think this team will turn it around with anyone else? Absolutely not!!! So honestly, maybe it isn't Willie, the players aren't clicking at all. To only be 2.5 games out after playing so terrible in the first quarter of the season is excellent. We're lucky no one is running away with this. So come on now, when we play, we play amazing, and the division is waiting for us to get hot. When we do, they need to be scared, because we will WIN!!! Let's Go Mets!!!

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