May 19, 2008

Perez Comes Up Big

John Delcos at the Lo Hud Mets Blog writes about Oliver Perez and his biggest game of the season:

“Ollie got into a nice rhythm,” Randolph said. “I thought he could have gone further. When he’s locked into his rhythm, he is pretty tough to beat. When he’s feeling his confidence, he’s pretty good.”

“He was aggressive and didn’t give in,” Schneider said. “The turning point in the game was when Molina lead off that inning with a double and he shut them down. He got some big outs.”

Perez was the “Good Ollie.”
That's about the only thing you can say about his game, he was the good Oliver. I seriously thought the Mets were going to get beaten last night. I mean who could have blamed me. The way the season has been going and the way Perez has pitched the last three games before last night just screamed a loss. But I was pleasantly surprised.

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