May 21, 2008

Willie's Apology

At 5:05 PM (EST) Willie Randolph appeared on the "Mike & The Mad Dog" show on WFAN, and actually made a very good accounting of himself. Mike & Chris were actually in very good form today as well, and allowed Willie an excellent platform from which to apologize. Over at Metsblog they did an excellent job of recapping Willie's interview.

Rather than elongate what has already been a very taxing situation all around, I'd rather let Willie's apology stand for now, and concentrate ONLY on what's happening on the field. Willie's always seemed to be a sincere person; let's move forward and concentrate on what really matters, the games themselves!

Now let's get out there, take these next 2 games from the Braves and sweep the Rockies, and all will be well - at least for a while...and, as always,

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