June 27, 2008

Delgado has 9 RBI's in First Game of Subway Series- I Kid you NOT!

A few hours ago, Jack Mason was calling for Carlos Delgado to be waived- and then he hits a 2-run double, a grand salami and a 3-run homer, and he sets a new Mets record, breaking Dave Kingman's record of 8 RBI's in one game from 1976 AND it tied the record with Roy Howell of the Blue Jays for most RBI's by a visiting player in the history of Yankee Stadium! At his current rate of production, mapped out across an entire season, he'd have 26 home runs and 88 RBI's. Unfortunately, we don't know, from week to week, which Delgado we'll have, and he's had some power bursts but is still hitting below .250 and remains so inconsistent that all today will do in some fans eyes is tease us with what could have been. No matter how you slice it, he won one game for us single-handedly against the Yankees and for that feat he's back in my good graces...if only for one game (LOL). And imagine if we HAD signed Posada to a 4-year deal like Omar wanted to do during the offseason- THAT would have been the worst signing of the year, for sure.

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