June 27, 2008

Break Up the "Mess"

By Jack "the hack" Mason (guest blogger)

Okay- here we go- 4 games against the hated Yankees in 3 days, and I've had about all I can take with this roster. Sign Andy Phillips...DA Claudio Vargas...bring up Tony Armas...DA Trot Nixon??? Even getting back Ryan Church just isn't enough to turn this team around. Let's face facts- we're a flawed team- scratch that- we're a flawed "half" of a team. Until we get rid of fat-cats like Delgado and Castillo, we'll never be the team fans expect for $140 million of our hard-earned money, transferred to the pockets of the Wilpons to be distributed to these fat-cats.

Therefore, here are my suggestions for what to do with this roster:

1.) Put Carlos Delgado on waivers; bring up Mike Carp. I've heard all about how Mike Carp can't field, can only be a power bat off the bench, etc. I also heard that Mike Jacobs was a catcher, not a first baseman, and was too small to be successful at first. Last I looked, Jacobs had 18 homers and 47 RBI's - and his average is .236 - but his overall stats are far better than Delgado, and he makes a TON less money! So bring up Carp and admit your mistake in Delgado! What's the worst that can happen? Carp proves to be either a AAAA player or better suited for DH action, and we bring up Ike Davis next year to take his place? I'm okay with that, too.

2.) Put Luis Castillo on waivers; trade for the Astros' Mark Loretta, who is older than Castillo but plays as if he's younger and let him be our second baseman for the rest of the season.

3.) Trade Fernando Martinez, Brant Rustich, Anderson Hernandez and Aaron Heilman to the Oakland A's for Rich Harden and Mark Ellis (if we don't get Loretta, or instead of Loretta, as Ellis is a much better player). I know Harden's injury history, but Rick Peterson can fix that in only fifteen...okay, scratch that- but even with his trouble staying healthy, I still think Harden would be the missing piece in a rotation that would include Pedro, Johan, Pelfrey and Maine. And don't get angry that I'd consider trading the "future" - F-Mart - as he still hasn't done anything to prove that his "hit king" nickname is anything more than just wishful thinking at this stage.

That leaves us with one too many starters, so -

4.) Trade Oliver Perez, Nick Evans and Billy Wagner to the Tampa Bay Rays for Jeff Niemann or Edwin Jackson, a player to be named later and minor league centerfielder Desmond Jennings. Jennings is a Gomez type, excellent fielder, steals bases, projects as a lead-off hitter and could be someone capable of moving Beltran to left field. The Rays can either sign Perez or take 2 picks for him; Wagner replaces Percival as closer and ensures a big-game closer is available to them for the play-offs, and Evans offsets Jennings. Jackson is a fastballing prospect who still hasn't gotten his act together in the AL after much was expected from him as top Dodgers prospect, but still brings heat in the mid-90's level. Niemann was, along with Pelfrey and Verlander, expected to be a top-of-rotation starter who still hasn't made it to the bigs as quickly as the other two; he's 6'9" and has a heck of a fastball, but he, too hasn't put it all together and big things are still expected of him. One of the two should make it as the fifth starter for the Mets once Pedro retires, after the '09 season (most probably) and Jennings could be up as quickly as 2010.

5.) If no trade can be worked out with the Rays, we can trade Perez, Wagner and Evans to the Texas Rangers in exchange for second base prospect, German Duran, catching prospect, Max Ramirez and pitcher Michael Main. The Rangers have TONS of prospects, and need pitching desperately. Perez and Wagner will give them innings and saves, respectively, and we'd receive some immediate AAA help in the face of three players who might be major league ready halfway through the '09 season.

Finally, make room in '09 for as many youngsters as you can- Kunz, Munoz, Niese, etc, and focus the team on young, exciting players - at least we'd have something to root for, and wouldn't be as angry when we don't win a game due to an error by Castillo or a whiff by Delgado. It would sure beat rooting for the team we have now!

Editor's Note (From David): Obviously, unless Perez has a few good outings, he's not going to be worth much on the trade market. That being said, the Rangers DO need pitching, have money, and have shown Boras that they're willing to sign his clients to big contracts. I like the idea of getting some of those top youngsters from the Rangers, as they are laden in top talent at the AA and AAA levels right now. However, I still doubt that Omar will break up this team, knowing that they are only 44 home games away from opening Citi Field and no one wants a team that won't contend in their first season. I don't necessarily agree with that philosophy, as if there was EVER a season where they are guaranteed a ton of sell-outs, it's the first season, whether they contend or not. Therefore, if they can do a quick rebuild, and contend in 2010 and beyond, I'd think that was the best way to go. Just my opinion...


Sam in Woodhaven said...

I LOVE the Rangers trade- looked those prospects up in Baseball America and all 3 look great! I'd hate to lose Wagner, but it makes sense since he's only with us through next season, then he wants to retire, and we have Kunz and Rangers need pitching desperately. Good ideas.

George "Mad Stork" Theodore said...

I like the Harden/Ellis trade. Don't think it will happen, cause every time the Mets trade with the A's we get fleeced, but I do like it and with Beane getting both F-Mart and Heilman, he might be willing to do this one. I'd rather get more sure things at this point, hate Castillo, and if somehow Harden can stay healthy for a change, we would have the best rotation in the entire game!

Jim Beachump said...

How do you feel now, Jack, after Delgado knocked in 9 runs today and Castillo got on base 5 times and scored 5 times???

Jack "The Hack" Mason said...

Hey- if I had THAT kind of power to be able to rip players and then have them get hot that day, I'd have been down on everyone from day one! It doesn't make Delgado into a good player after one game- and Castillo is not on my "good" list - but it was great to see them deliver for a change for all the $$ they make!!

Bob said...

Chris thinks I am kidding but I would like him to split from Mike Francesa.

And, the point of the call was Johan Santana was struggling due to his TEAM, just like Chris does with Mike during this 'crossroads'

Writer Chris Illuminati of Philly Blurbs said this after viewing the video, "video proof that the Dog won't bark about any particulars of the rough patch he and Mike are going through."

Complete coverage at

Neil Best, for Newsday, said after viewing the video, "I heard that live yesterday. Weird, but amusing! Thanks. Neil"

Now appearing in Deadspin's report on the matter:

Kevin Canessa has had the foresight of a Mike and the Mad Dog Split since this post.


He deserves that credit!

ps, Chris said a few days before, "And, you know, Neil Best thinks he has something and he's a good reporter and I like Neil. Again, I would never talk to him about anything like this because for whatever the reason, this is a guy who killed my book. That's sensitive to authors, and don't forget, I'm John Grisham. That's sensitive." and then added, "I've talked to him about it, but I don't forget that. He went out of his way to bury that book, same day I was on the Today show. C'mon. But listen, Neil thinks he has something, so he's going to track me down in the middle of a weekend and he's going to track Mike down in the middle of a weekend and he's going to write something."

Call WFAN at 718.937.6666 with a 2 point question.

Ask a sports question. Then follow up with a question directed at Dog - "So, Chris, did you really enjoy flying solo recently? Do you think the show was better solo as Bob from Cranbury pointed out last week to you?


I'll be DVRing

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