June 27, 2008

Mets Interested in Dominican Third Baseman

Over at Saber Scouting, they post the projected "Top 15 Latin American Prospects" who will be available for "just money" as of July 2nd. From this list, writer Kiley McDaniel speculates that the Mets will be interested in a Dominican third baseman, George Drullal, amongst others.

Here's there write-up on Drullal:

14. George Drullal, 3B, Dominican Republic Drullal is another under-the-radar prospect with some enticing upside. Drullal shows a solid swing, some power potential, and enough athleticism to profile as a pro third baseman. He is more raw than the hitting prospects listed above him, but not that many 16 year old hitters look much like they do at 25, so at this juncture of the rankings, you’re looking for elements you want to bet on. The Mets are heavily rumored to be the team that likes Drullal the best and his bonus could be as high as $700,000, which apparently is the buzz price for players of this ability.

I'm not too excited about adding another third baseman to the organization, even if he won't be major league-ready for another 4-6 years, as I'd like to think that Mr. Wright will be manning the hot corner for at least another 10 years for the Mets. I hope that Omar and company will go heavily after some of the better pitching prospects as well, like Michel Inoa, who seems ticketed for the Oakland A's, for a signing bonus of $4.25 to $4.5 million (yikes- so THAT's what the A's have been hoarding their money for!) and Adis Portillo, a big kid for a 16 year old (6'3") who can pick up additional velocity (88-92) as his body continues to grow. Signing Inoa for that kind of money is something that Omar should have been involved in, as if he becomes a top-of-rotation starter, no one will remember how much money it took to sign him; they will only remember that we DIDN'T!

Dates to Remember:

July 2- Signing Period begins for Latin American Free Agents

July 31st - Major League Trading Deadline

August 1st -Annual Met Fan "Why Didnt' We Get..." Day


Met Matt From Manhasset said...

Great stuff! Didn't see this covered anywhere! Everyone gets the "big" stories - like signing Andy Philips - how come only you guys get these stories, like the Australian guy we signed last season? Keep up the great work!

MetsNetsJets said...

Interesting stuff...hope we don't just get another third baseman when Wright is just 25. PITCHING! PITCHING! PITCHING! Do you HEAR ME, Omar???

Anonymous said...

All of these 16 year olds making this kind of money- MLB needs to change things around, when a 16 year old, unproven, from the Dominican can get 4 mil from the A's but a kid like Ike Davis, 4 years of college (at lots of $$) gets 1/3 that amount and is more proven. I don't blame the Mets if they don't spend that kinda money on a pitcher- it's not like F-Mart is lighting things up right now, is it?

Why, Omar, Why? said...

TOo funny- "Annual Met Fan Why Didn't We Get...Day" - sadly, too true especially with Omar around. Hey- let's make a trade with the Red Sox- they can send us Bartolo Colon, and we can send them Daniel Murphy, Jon Niese and Mike Carp - what do you think? That's probably the only way those 3 ever become stars- if we TRADE THEM!!!

Evan's Frontal Lobe said...

My 12 year old is a really talented shortstop and pitcher. I think I am going to move to the Dominican for the next 4 years, and then he can sign with some major league team for a couple of million- that will MORE than pay for his therapy! Millions of dollars for REALLY unproven talent- NOT a healthy way to go!!