June 17, 2008

Hey Jose- What the HELL was THAT???

Maybe Jose Reyes wants a diaper and a bottle? That was one of the most juvenile expressions of frustration I've ever seen from an adult in my life!!! It's not like he and Willie had such a great relationship that he's distraught over his firing...and Manuel deserves the opportunity to show you how much he values you, long-term, by protecting you, a strategy we've not exactly been known for lately- witness Ryan Church and you know what I mean!! I really hope that this is not a return to the Jose of late last season, as he's been so hot lately that it would really be beyond lame and disappointing if this is how his season denegrated...man, the drama just does NOT stop tonite!!!! At least the Lakers are getting creamed...

And lest you not know what I am referring to, Reyes led off the game with a single, only to grab his leg while getting back to first base. Manuel came out to see how he was, and rather than take any chances, Manuel asked Reyes to leave the game. Reyes threw a fit, refusing to listen to what Manuel had to say, finally turning away from Manuel, slamming down his helmet and running down the dugout, his shirt untucked, to pout in the clubhouse. I know - I can't believe it happened, and I saw it!!! AND I am supposed to go to the game tomorrow night!! Gee- just can't wait!!!

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