June 18, 2008

Manuel On Last Night's Game

Rhett Bollinger at Mets.com writes about last nights embarrassing loss and what the new Mets manager had to say about it:

"I didn't like the way we played," Manuel said. "We played poor baseball defensively and we didn't hit. We looked very tired. I know I was tired, but they looked tired. Maybe they were going through what I was going through. I don't know."
To me, I would excuse last night’s game and just chalk that one up to one hell of a turbulent night and day. I mean how could anyone have focused during that whole ordeal? When a boss gets the axe, usually, people revert back to the days of grammar school, turning their ear to the closest person that thinks they have the answers.
At any rate, tonight will be the first test for Jerry Manuel and his Mets to show Omar and company that this season isn’t a loss just yet.

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