June 26, 2008

Jackie's New HOF Plaque- A Fitting Tribute to a Great Man!

Although it was delayed a month, it was worth the wait as the Baseball Hall of Fame, in conjunction with Rachel Robinson, honored her late husband, Jack Roosevelt Robinson, with an updated plaque commerating not just his statistical achievements but his social achievements as well. For more on this well-earned ceremony, check out FoxSports. I hope that there will be a fascimile of the new plaque in the Jackie Robinson rotunda at CitiField, or at least something acknowledging his social contributions in a similar fashion. Knowing Fred Wilpons' regard for JR, I am sure there will be.

In the meantime, here is a look at the original plaque, as well as the new one:

(I can't wait to see the new plaque when I head to Cooperstown in September- and I'll shoot LOTS of photos!!)

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BrooklynMetsFan said...

Wow- a beautiful plaque- thanks for showing it to us! I grew up hearing about Jackie, as my dad is still a Brooklyn Dodgers fan (roots for Mets) and has his den filled with old Brooklyn Dodgers photos, pennants, books and autographs. He has a reproduction of the original Jackie HOF plaque on the wall- hopefully they will make one available of the new one because it's perfectly worded. Can't wait to take him to CitiField next year- he's liable to have Ebbets Field flashbacks!