June 25, 2008

One Person's Opinion: The All-Time Best Mets TRADED Team

Okay- while losing 2 horrible games against the Mariners before David's Wrights two homers to start the game off tonite, I had some time to think about the many trades the Mets have made over the year, good, bad and inconsequential. With the July 31st trade deadline just over a month away, I decided to "honor" it with a list of the best players the Mets have traded away over the years, with a few catches:

a.) None of the players who were traded away could have been on the Mets' major league roster for more than 5 seasons - this rules out Seaver, Koosman, Cone and Matlack from the list, among others.

b.) The Mets could not get "even" value back - as in Singleton, Foli and Jorgensen for Staub.

c.) If the player first came from another organization, they had to play less than 2 years in the majors for that team,


d.) Could not have departed the Mets as a free agent (waivers and draft are okay).

A TON of players therefore had to be left off the list, and we couldn't include someone like Roger Clemens, who was drafted by the Mets but never signed with them and subsequently went to college at Texas.

Keeping these rules in mind, here's our list:

LF: Amos Otis CF: Lenny Dykstra RF: Kevin Mitchell

3B: Melvin Mora SS: Fernando Vina 2B: Ron Hunt 1B: Jeff Kent

C: Jesus Flores

Nolan Ryan
Scott Kazmir
Mike Scott
A.J. Burnett
Brian Bannister

Jeff Reardon
Randy Myers
Jason Isringhausen
Heath Bell
Octavio Dotel

Now, of course, we had a sizable group of second basemen (Scutaro, Kent, Hunt, Keppinger) but not a lot of first baseman. Therefore, I had to move Jeff Kent over to first.

You'll notice that the majority of talent that's been traded over the years were, go figure, pitchers - and the majority of position players, outside of Kent and Mitchell, weren't real power hitters (Otis was a solid RBI guy with excellent speed but only hit 20+ homers in a season twice.)

Furthermore, the Mets had plenty of trades where they traded younger talent for veteran talent (sound familiar - Delgado, Viola, etc.) which may have benefited the team in the short run, but not as much in the long-term. One such deal was the afore-mentioned Rusty Staub for Ken Singleton/Mike Jorgensen/Tim Foli deal, but not because of anything Staub did- it's what the Mets did with him after only three and a half seasons- traded him to the Tigers for a washed-up Mickey Lolich-which took a trade that potentially benefitted both teams and ended up with the Mets losing one of the best home-grown offensive talents they've ever drafted.

Singleton knocked in over a hundred runs with the Expos in his second full season, and was traded in 1974 with Mike Torrez to the Orioles for Dave McNally. With the Orioles, he proceeded to knock in over 100 runs twice, and over 80 three times, and was an all-star 3 times and was top 10 in MVP voting 4 times, including runner-up in 1979. Jorgensen and Foli both had second go-rounds with the Mets, during their journeyman careers. Jorgensen was a good field, light hitting first baseman, and Foli was a scrappy shortstop with a few decent offensive seasons. Singleton was the star of the deal for the Expos, and Staub's career with the Mets, in 2 tours, was legendary; however, he only had one 100+ RBI season with the Mets, but followed that up with 96, 101 and 121 RBI seasons for the Tigers; his second go-round with the Mets was mostly as a pinch-hitter and role player, his presence larger than his actual stats.

If the Mets had kept Singleton, he would have been the best homegrown offensive player ever developed by the Mets, until Darryl Strawberry came along; if they had kept Staub, perhaps the '76 Mets would have come in first and not third; either way, they bungled this deal on both accounts.

Let us know your "all-time Mets traded team" - but keep in mind the guidelines we used!

Perhaps, by the time you read this, we'll have pulled one out from the Mariners...


The Mets Police said...


I hate Jeff Kent. That was the worst trade ever, and the guy is going to the hall of fame. Well Juan Samuel was worse. And Kazmir was even worse...I better stop before my brain explodes.

Bring Back Seaver said...

Man, that's a great pitching staff. I agree about Staub-Singleton - if we HAD kept Staub, or if we HAD kept Singleoton, either way, we would have had a much better offense and things might have been very different. Lolich was not bad at all in '76, in spite of his record, but we had pitching and needed offense. We were a distant third under Joe "Mr. Personality" Frazier, but that might have been different with either one in the lineup as I remember a LOT of scoring opportunities that went down the drain - sound familiar?
GReat post- thanks!

GoGoMetsGoGo said...

Yeah, my brain hurts, too, thinking of all of the bad Mets trades we've made. Now it looks like we're going to drop Trot to add Andy Philips -why, Trot's too much of a winner?

Jeffrey Paswick said...

hey dorkzoids u trade scott kazmer to the devil rays like ass dickks! nice dorkzoids! LOL

Mets Mike in Albany said...

Scary- I remember all of these deals except the Ron Hunt deal, and that one, from what I understand from my uncle, was hated by the fans as much as we hated the Kazmir trade and more cause Hunt was our first real homegrown star.

Marlins just sent Lindstrom down- so that deal isn't as bad as it seemed, Omar...

Oriole Sam said...

I watched Singleton in Baltimore, but lived in NY when the Staub trade was made. My friend went to Hofstra with Singleton, and I thought that he'd be the perfect Met - more of an offensive talent then Ed Kranepool, an NY-grown guy and a great person to boot! When I moved to Baltimore in 1976 for business, I was fortunate to receive about 25 tix per year to see the Orioles. I sat next to an old-time fan (he was around 75 in '76 - Matty was his name) - who told me that Singleton was the best outfielder the O's had since Frank Robinson, and his grandson received a signed ball from him when waiting for him on the way out of a game, which made him a star in Matty's house! Great memories, and I agree, either the Mets should have kept Staub or Singleton...it would have been nice to see some more Mets-Orioles World Series games, as I went to one in NY in 1969, but the way the two teams are going right now, the O's I think have a better chance, and that's NOT saying much! At least Tremblay seems to be a really good manager and we have some nice prospects from the Bedard trade.

Mighty MetsFan said...

As long as Omar doesn't trade any more top prospects, we have some interesting offensive players like Singleton almost ready for the majors like Carp, Davis, Murphy, etc. Unless we can get a Holiday or Texeira, we should just keep these young future stars and mix them in with Wright and Reyes.