June 23, 2008

The Last Post on Willie's Firing! - We HOPE!

In his post today at SI.com, entitled "Inside Randolph's Firing" columnist Jon Heyman discusses, what we hope will be one last time, the inner-working behind Randolph's dismissal by GM Omar Minaya.

From Heyman:

Unlike a lot of folks here, the Mets' midnight managerial firing isn't continuing to give me the Willies. But suffice it to say, it could have been handled better.

Heck, most people inside the Mets' organization believed Willie Randolph was close to being fired for weeks, so in those weeks they should have been able to devise the best possible firing scenario, not the worst. At the very least, the Mets certainly have found a way to turn an unpopular manager into New York's most sympathetic figure.

Heyman looks at four individuals involved in the firing: GM Omar Minaya, Ex-Manager Willie Randolph, New-Manager Jerry Manuel and VP - Player Development, Tony Bernazard.

Another insightful read from Heyman, and, let's hope, the last we'll read about it for a while as we try to move forward during this looooooong season.


MakeMineManuel said...

Gee, I hope that is the last Willie post. Jerry Manuel is the man now, and I am so tired of even hearing the words "Willie Randolph"- NO MORE!!!!

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