June 15, 2008

No Longer "Willie's Time"

By Steve Plezia (Guest Blogger)

It may be time to get rid of Willie, not because of some of the player "inflicted" losses, but because the team, I feel, has run its course with Willie, like most teams do with their managers (one exception is bobby cox, there may be one or two others). It is just time for a change in regime to spark the team, to spark the fans, to spark major league baseball. For a rookie manager, he (not we) should be happy with how he did. No chamionships, but he made a really good run with this team. The collapse of last season should be his hardest (and best) lesson of all.

They had very high hopes of coming into this season with a World Series championship on their minds. All they have got to show for anything is a completely sub par team and an organization where the wheels(physically and mentally) are (have) coming (come) off the wagon.

If the Phillies play .500 for the rest of the year, they will win just 87 games. In order for the Mets to beat them, they would have to play .583 ball for the rest of the season. Although that does not seem too insurmountable if the Mets play as well as we thought they could, you must believe that the Phillies are going to play better than .500 for the rest of the year. That probably equates to the Mets needing to play better than .600 to beat them. The Mets we are watching right now are nowhere near a better than .600 team. By the way, the Mets are practically the same amount behind in the wildcard race , so their chances there are not too good either.

....I always look at the numbers when a team falls behind to see what it would take for them to catch the division leader and the task set ahead for the Mets is quite daunting, sad ,and unfortunate being this is the last year of the famous and beloved Shea Stadium. The way things had spun out of control was not foreseen by anyone because no real contingency plan is in place. so it looks like to me that the Mets really have no idea what to do when things started to go wrong or they would have been ready with whatever changes they would have needed at the time.

I believe that all there is to do is watch the Mets and hope that Steve Henderson (oops), I mean, Carlos Beltran gets a base hit with two out so that Doug Flynn and Willie Montanez(oops , did it again - I mean Castillo and Delgado) can score ....I think you get my point...

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