December 10, 2008

Mets Bullpen Revemped!!!

Mets decided to take money from fans today. Unfortunately, the Mets have cut every one of their games to 7 innings. Well, they will still be playing 9, but after a bullpen filled day, the Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez (3 years, 37 Million) and traded for JJ Putz. Not only did we add 2 guys much better than our bullpen, Minaya found a way to get rid of Heilman. Omar also traded Mike Carp (a mino leaguer who has not come close to being what we expected). However, the Mets traded their most consistent bullpen pitcher, Joe Smith and fan favorite icon Endy Chavez. I did not like this part of the trade but I am sure this is what is best for the team. K-Rod and Putz should drastically help the Mets next year more than Smith and Chavez. The Mets also acquired Sean Green (not the outfielder we once had) and Jerremy Reed.

This was an amazing day in fixing the Mets. Now the Mets can focus on their starters. So far, it looks like the Mets will give Niese a shot at the rotation, especially with the big names being courted by the Yankees, raising the price of them. Lowe has a lot of teams after him and Burnett seems to be going to the Braves or Yanks. We shall see, my guess is we go after Randy Wolf or Garland now that Edwin Jackson has been traded.

Congratulations Mets fans, the bullpen is finally being addressed. I'm hoping we can get one more player with these guys to fill Smith's spot and leave Feliciano for the lefties. I doubt we can get rid of Schoeni now, I don't see anyone taking him off our hands.

Look for the next big transaction for the Mets to be related to some starter. I dread them settling on a 1 year contract with Pedro, but it is possible if noting else comes available (and I don't agree with this). I still say Oliver Perez is worth the years and money compared to these other guys. He is younger and if he finds his control (big if) it could be a huge reward. With Lowe, we'd be getting an older guy on the end of his career and with Burnett and Sheets, we'd be getting yearly injuries. We shall see folks, but for now we can be happy. I love Chavez and Smith but I'll say it again, I am sure this will be better for the team!!!

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I had no idea Wright and Reyes were this close-