May 18, 2009

Where Have We Been/Where Are We Going?

I hope everyone in Mets-dom is doing well!!

Sorry for the lack of posts these last few months- wanted to give everyone an update.

After losing my father last year, my wife was told that she needed a kidney transplant, so we've been dealing with that non-stop for the past eight months or so. The good news is that she is holding her own, but it's a long fight that we are only in the beginning rounds of, and therefore time has been a precious commodity. That doesn't mean that I haven't been following and discussing all things Mets, and it's appropriate that I'm posting today as the Mets take on the Dodgers in Los Angeles, my home these last 16 years.

I'll be attending the games here, and will post some thoughts each day, and I will return some time within the next 24-36 hours with part one of my annual Baseball Book Review.

In the meantime, it's too much for me to post full-time, and since John Young is no longer posting/editing here, we're looking either for

a.) a full-time poster (or multiple posters) to take up the daily mantle,
b.) we're looking to move to an existing, popular Mets site where we can contribute articles as things strike our fancy.

Your thoughts/suggestions are greatly appreciated, and let's hope that the Mets continue their winning ways out here in La-La Land!!

Thanks for reading!!

David Rubin

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