September 28, 2006

Pedro Stats

Adam Rubin at The NY Daily Nws writes about Pedro Martinez and gives his stats over the span of two years with the Mets:

Martinez is 0-4 with a 15.43 ERA in his last four starts. It's the second time in his career that Pedro has lost four straight starts. Martinez lost the final four regular-season starts he made for the Red Sox (Sept. 14-29, 2004).

The Mets are 28-26 (.519) in the 54 games Pedro Martinez has started in his two years with the club (17-14 in 2005, 11-12 in 2006), compared to 148-118 (.556) over the same span with any other starting pitcher.

The Braves scored six runs off Martinez in the third inning last night. It's the seventh time this season that Pedro has allowed four or more runs in an inning. In his first 14 seasons, Martinez allowed four or more runs in an inning 25 times, never more than four times in any one season.

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