December 06, 2006

Maine and Oliver not a shoe in for the starting rotation

Paul Greco at Gotham Baseball, writes about John Maine and Oliver Perez and how they are not a certain thing for the rotation next year:

Q. Do they have some special kind of -- because they performed well, would you look more favorably towards them?

WILLIE RANDOLPH: No, everyone comes to Spring Training competing for a job. That's the way I look at it. They did a nice job for us last year. I'm proud of them helping us accomplish get to where we finished up. But there's no one on my team, unless you're one of the real big boys, that think they can come to Spring Training and have a job just because they pitched well last year.

I appreciate what they did but they need to work hard in Spring Training and get strong and compete for a job. If they continue to progress and do a good job, obviously they have an upper hand because they've shown what they can do. By no means because they won a couple games in September can they pencil themselves in for a starting job. That's not how it worked.

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