December 05, 2006

Mets won't outbid for Zito

David Lennon at Newsday, writes about Omar Minaya and his feelings on not out bidding the Rangers. Can you say A-Rod?:

The starting price already seems to be getting out of hand; reported Monday that the Rangers are considering giving Zito a six-year, $102-million contract before another team could even enter the bidding. It was just the sort of development Boras would have hoped for -- especially with the Mets salivating for his client -- but Minaya didn't blink at the number.

Minaya isn't concerned about adding payroll. But with the Mets a serious contender in the National League, and the numerous off-the-field benefits of playing in New York, he believes there is no need to throw money at Zito. Instead, Minaya could come up with a take-it or leave-it offer, then put pressure on Zito to decide.

"We know what we want," Minaya said. "We have a pretty good idea. But we also know the parameters of what we are able to spend or what we're going to spend. Just because the market goes in one area doesn't mean we're just going to chase the market."

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