December 11, 2006

Who's the new long relief man?

Now that we know that Darren oliver is going to sign with the Angels for one year and 5.5MM, the Mets can move on and plug up the hole with some young or new talent.

They could invite someone to spring training who hasn't pitched in a year, like Oliver. Even though Oliver was like hitting oil in Manhattan. This can't be what the Mets want to do.

So what they are probably up to is evaluating the talent in the Minors to see who might fit the role best.

One name comes to mind since Brian Bannister was traded to the Royals.

Drum roll please...Phillip Humber.

Humber was in the pen towards the end of last season and in two games allowed no hits and only walked one batter.

So a vote for Phillip Humber is a vote for more payroll the Mets can afford to give Barry Zito.

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