January 03, 2007

Mets give invite to Newhan

Dave van Dyck at Chicago Sports, writes about David Newhan and the invitation the Mets and Cubs have offered him to Spring Training:

The Cubs could be looking at versatile David Newhan--at least according to Newhan.

He told the Baltimore Sun he had invitations to come to spring training with the Cubs and the Mets, though he might have to sign a minor-league contract after not being offered a job back in Baltimore.

Newhan is yet another outfielder. He's a life long utility man with a lifetime BA of .256 with not much power. For the icing on the cake he's 33 years old.

I say thumbs down on this one. Let him go back to the Orioles if wants or even the Cubs. The Mets have too many outfield options as it stands right now anyway.

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