January 04, 2007

Some points on Ruben Gotay

Russlan Abouhassan at Mets Geek, writes the middle infield and talks about potential help from the Minors:

Ruben Gotay, whom the Mets acquired from the Royals for Jeff Keppinger, is much more likely to be part of the Mets' future in my opinion. Gotay was once quite the prospect for the Royals and will only be 24 years old next season. Gotay has a career minor league OPS of .778 which is more than respectable and still has the potential to be a starting second baseman at the big league level. I think that Gotay was rushed by the Royals and that has hurt his development. That said, the upcoming season will tell us a lot about whether Gotay will fulfill his potential. It's not likely, but certainly possible, that Gotay could help the Mets in 2007 if needed.

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