April 19, 2007

Could The Mets Land Sabathia?

ShineR on The Gotham Baseball Mets Forum, puts up a scenario in that the Mets could possibly land Indians Ace C.C. Sabathia:

Yanks are desperate for pitching with their health issues so early. if and when the indians fall out of it, he could go in a trade. but I think the Mets can put together a more attractive package.

Milledge and Humber for Sabathia? How is this for a post season staff options? This strenghtens the pen too. El Duque could go there.

Glavine-game 1
Sabathia-game 2
Maine-game 3
Pedro-game 4

-El Duque-move to pen
-Perez and Pelfrey compete for pen spot or in case Pedro never really heals, or one of the other guys get injured, the better of the two can start.


Anonymous said...


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John Young said...

Well Sir, I’m sorry you feel that way. However, there are no pop ups or “cash clicks” on my site or any other site I’m affiliated with.

It all comes down to one possible scenario.

1. your computer has one of the worst pop up blockers in the known universe because the internet is full of them, no matter what site you log onto .

So, as I do enjoy reader feedback, your comment has no ground to stand on as I’ve logged on to the site from many different computers.